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Minting Live!!

Welcome To The Tribe Metalisa

Tribe MetaLisa is a NFT art community built around the most famous work, Monalisa, an icon of renaissance. While Monalisa is a subdued portrait of an ordinary woman in modesty, MetaLisa is the "rebirth of MonaLisa in the MetaVerse".

MetaLisa has 3 core and intrinsic traits:

Elegance : Someone who is as elegant as a beautiful piece of art.

Determination : Someone who is breaking glass ceilings by being a role model at work or a small business owner who takes pride in breaking barriers through pure will and determination or an immigrant who is figuring out how to make it work in her new found home.

Dexterity : Someone who is juggling multiple things at once - motherhood, working professional, wife, daughter, caretaker, an entrepreneur or the endless hats she wears.

Tribe MetaLisa is an attempt to bring Woman (Men) to unwind and provide real opportunities (Mentorship, communities built around networking) in this MetaVerse era.

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The Collection

MetaLisa is a unique digital collection of Meta(Mona)Lisa NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. The initial GENESIS series is a collection of 1,000 unique MetaLisa NFTs precisely crafted and curated with differences in character, backdrop, gadgets, clothing and accessories. 

Pre Sale      : 3/8/2022 (International Women's Day)

Public Sale : 3/16/2022

*To get on the presale lists, please follow us on twitter and join our Discord for more details

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The Community, Art and Value

* MetaLisa will be donating part of the proceeds to organizations that enable mentoring and networking opportunities for women in tech.

Current charity partners: Women Who Code (WWC)

* Unique NFT art of the renaissance icon MonaLisa in MetaVerse, that is expected to appreciate and create value over time.

* GENESIS series giveaways

 - 5 raffle winners to get tickets to the Sep 2022 Grace Hopper conference  (1 NFT to qualify).

 - 1 raffle winner to be offered a round trip to the Louvre Museum in Paris (1 NFT to qualify. Bonus entries for each additional NFTs).

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Meet The Team



Queen MetaLisa

Jack of all trades/ Master of some. Engineer by trade, hustler by heart, dancer in spirit. Previously cofounded a ride sharing marketplace. Endless curious idea machine. Mom of 2, proud Godmom of 2 girls of my best friend. Daddy’s girl. Atheist and believer in Karma. Diversity & Inclusion flag bearer. Finding my moonshot in the valley.



Naughty Nasty Noob

A product enthusiast who loves NFTs and block chain. I’m up for a talk about anything related to startups, NFTs, movies and music. I envision to be an entrepreneur who can uplift the world by solving a problem which is a need of the hour.

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Super Stony Spearhead

Entrepreneur by birth. Driven by the principles of "little things matter in life". Philanthropic, music lover, singer and a foodie!! A Fintech enthusiast. Do not know to play poker but can win hearts!!



Community/Operations Manager

A social media and creative digital marketer & community manager currently serving the web3, crypto, and NFT community. As a wife and mother of two boys, I'm on a mission to create family legacy with impact and build up next generation

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